Neely Henry 4/20/19 Winners

On the coldest day of April, following flash floods and all kinds of weather curve balls, the weekend landed for the BBA club event on Neely Henry.  Bundled up in winter warmth and raincoats, we met up at Gadsden City Boat Ramp in the morning, all talking and hoping that the rain and unseasonable cold wouldn’t mess up the bite.

But despite the conditions, this 3rd event of the year by far exceeded the total catch weight from the other two.  Chad and Tommy Chandler won with 15.30lbs.  Doug and Lee Stitcher cinched second with 15.06lbs.  Vann and Patch Pelt slid in right behind them with 15.04lbs.  And big fish was caught by Johnathan Goldin and Brent Lively at 5.81lbs.

Overall, the BBA teams proved once more their formidable angling skills, and anyone who were to glance upon this club’s limits weights his first time would quite possibly do a double-take.


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