Bremen Bass Angler 2020 Season Rules

Rev 03

• Club will allow a maximum of 36 teams in the 2020 season.

• Club is managed by a five-member volunteer board made up of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member at Large.
o Vice President automatically roles to President in the year after elected Vice President.
o Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member at Large are elected at the club’s classic tournament each year.
 Terms are one year with the exception of the Vice President position becoming the President the following year.

• The Board elected after each classic approves the upcoming BBA rules and post on the Club’s website.

• The board elected at or after each classic builds the next season’s schedule and post on the Club’s website
o Only members qualifying for classic are eligible to vote for board members.
o Only members qualifying for classic qualify to run for board positions
o Current Board members may fill any unfilled board positions as needed throughout the season.

• The board elected after each classic manages the annual banquet and administers the previous season’s awards.

• The board elected after each classic sets the maximum number of members allowed in the club for the upcoming season.
o The board solicits new members for the club to fill the club’s roster.

• The board may delay, cancel, or reschedule tournaments for safety or other reasons as determined by the board.

• Board has the authority not to allow any team to join club.

• Existing members in the club are guaranteed spots in the next fishing season so long as member and tournament fees are paid at or before the annual banquet.

• Only club members and their designated alternates can fish in club events.
o Teams are made up of two people
o An individual can join the club and has up to the third tournament to     select team partner. However, the first two tournaments if fished with another person not designated as partner count towards alternates used. – Added board approved 2/5/2020 KW

o Each team can only be represented once one each tournament.
o Two people from two different teams may fish in one boat.
• They can only fish as a single team representing one team.
o When two members fish as one team this does not count against their available alternates for the season.
o The team being represented must be made known to the tournament registrar at registration.
o Only the designated team may receive points for the tournament fished.
           *  However, the minimal number of points awarded for the tournament fished will apply to the team not being represented.
o Fishing together does however count towards both teams’ number of tournaments fished

o Only two alternates can be used by a team during a season
o Anyone under sixteen may be used as an alternate and this alternate does not count towards your alternates used per season

• Board recommends that life jackets be worn when big motor is running.

• Must fish six tournaments to qualify for classic.

• Cannot fish with alternate in classic. Must fish with seasonal partner or by your self.

• Late Penalty – must be within the no wake area at boat ramp area and not fishing by weigh in time. There will be a ½ pound penalty per minute late.

• Dead fish penalty of 4oz or .25 on scales per dead fish.

• Any short fish weighed in will be thrown out along with your largest fish.

• You may only have a maximum of five fish in your live well when arriving for weigh in inside the weigh in area’s no wake zone and ramp area.. Violation penalty is a dead fish penalty.

• There will be no culling of fish in the weigh in area’s no wake zone and ramp are. Violation penalty is a dead fish penalty.

• You must check in before each tournament begins to be enrolled in the tournament.

o During this time your live wells will be checked and tagged.

• There is no re-trailering from the put in to other ramps unless board approves on a lake by lake basis.

• We will use a points system towards our Angler of the Year awards.
o 36 (the total number of allowable teams in a season) points will be awarded to the first place, 35 to the second, 34 to the third and so forth down to the last place for each tournament. Anyone who fishes but has no fish to weigh in will receive the remaining points available divided equally among all who fished but had no fish to weigh in for each tournament.

o You must register to receive your points. If you do not attend weigh in you will only receive the minimal amount of points for the tournament the amount as if you weighed in 0 lbs.

o Each team may weigh in up to five fish.
 The largest sack of fish receives 1st place, the second largest receives 2nd place, and so forth.

o There will be a big fish award at each tournament.

• All regular season tournament points count towards Angler of the Year awards.
o 1st Place Anglers of the year at the end of each season will have their team’s tournament and membership entry fee waived for the following season if there are at least 25 teams signed up by the second tournament in the following season. – Added by board 2/7/2020
 This waived tournament and entry fee is for one team only. If the AOY team winning this award splits up for the following season the board will give each returning AOY angler a 50% waiver on his or her next season’s tournament and membership fee.
 1st Place Anglers winning this award must apply the award in the next fishing season.

• Classic standings do not count toward Angler of the year.

• The Biggest fish caught for the season and the biggest sack of fish caught for the season does include fish caught at the classic.

• Potential rule violations or concerns must be reported to Board members before the applicable payout.

• Boat launch order will be drawn randomly at each tournament or as may be determined by the board.

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