Champion of Champions Tournament 2021 v2

Guidelines for clubs applying to enter 2021 Champion of Champions Tournament:

  • Clubs must apply before October 2021 for competing in Champion of Champions each tournament year
  • BBA will assign Champion of Champions oversite committee for each event made up of members from various clubs participating
  • Must have been a club for at least two years
  • Must have at least 10 teams
  • Must fish at least six club events per year
  • Track AOY or some other metric for determining top six teams
  • Have some type of authority such as individual, or board that manages club

Tournament committee is made up of BBA members or affiliates as assigned by BBA’s board:

  • Tournament committee is responsible for overseeing weigh-in and making any on site decisions needed and overseeing payout

Lake will be selected by BBA:

  • Lake is Logan Martin
  • Ramp is the new Lincoln City Ramp north of I20
  • Registration begins 5am
  • Weigh in 3pm GA time
  • Tournament will be made up of to six anglers available from each participating club or trail.
  • Event is by invitation only / no walk ups. Names from each club that will be competing, and team assignments must be submitted at least one week before the event to BBA
  • Entry Fee: $110 per team (made up of one or two anglers)
    • This includes $10 big fish pot for teams
    • $10 goes toward tournament fund
  • 100% payout based on $100 per team. 50% first place, 30% second place, 20% third place
    • With 30 boats this would be $1,500 first, $900 second, and $600 third.
  • Must wear life jacket when big motor is running and in gear
  • Late Penalty – must be within the no wake area at boat ramp area and not fishing by weigh in time. There will be a ½ pound penalty per minute late.
  • Dead fish penalty of 4oz or.25 on scales per dead fish
  • Cannot weigh a dead fish for your “big fish”
  • Spots must be at least 12 inches and large mouths must be at least 12 inches or lake limit in length whichever is greater.
  • Any short fish weighed in will be thrown out along with your largest fish
  • You may only have a maximum of five fish in your live well when arriving or weigh in inside the weigh in area’s no wake zone and ramp area. Violation penalty is a dead fish penalty
  • You must check in before tournament begins to be enrolled in the tournament and pay your entry fee.
    • During this tie your live wells will be checked and tagged
  • There is no re-trailering from the put-in to other ramps
  • Registration one hour before safe light
  • Launch safe light
  • Weigh in is 3pm EST

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